Is There Such a Thing as Responsible Gambling?

Almost every other advert on online gambling comes with a rider; gamble responsibly. This statement is easier said than done, as refraining from placing the next bet, which is usually only a click away, has to be the hardest thing almost every punter has experienced at least once in their gambling life. So, what exactly do these two words mean?

Responsible gambling, in simple terms, means that gambling doesn’t interfere with someone’s healthy life. That one is not tempted to retreat to gambling to deal with anxiety or anger. It boils down to exercising control and keeping limits to the amount and time spent on gambling.

There are different ways through which players can ensure they gamble responsibly, which include the following.

Know When to Stop

Various researches have shown that players tend to place more bets after a losing streak. To avoid falling into the trap of placing more bets in the hope of winning, setting a limit to the time and money one plans to spend on gambling is the best way out of such a dilemma. Different casinos enable players to set their own limits, before signing up for a game. It is always good to set the maximum money and time one is willing to commit. Setting a time limit ensures a player doesn’t spend all their leisure time gambling at the expense of other activities. Having a money limit, on the other hand, means that a player doesn’t spend more money than they are willing to lose. This also ensures one doesn’t spend money meant for necessities such as bills and food.

How to Know If One Has a Gambling Problem

There a few pointers as to when gambling has mutated from a pastime to something more serious. When a player consistently feels the urge to increase the amount to reach a certain level of excitement, it could be a sign all is not well. Some players will also feel irritable and restless every time they think of stopping. This is a call to action that gambling has moved from being a hobby to a mental health issue.

More signs include:

  • The urge of wanting to hide the habit from loved ones and friends
  • Borrowing money to place more bets with the hope of winning
  • Risking relationships or jobs because of gambling
  • Strong need to place a bet when one is anxious or angry
  • Spending too much time thinking about gambling and chasing losses

How to Deal With Gambling Addiction

The first way to deal with an addiction is accepting one has a problem, which is one the hardest things to do for those already hooked. Admitting helps one in modifying some of the behaviors such as the urge to run to gambling to deal with problems or when one is anxious. Also, accepting the consequences of gambling is a great way to deal with addiction. List each of them down to serve as a constant reminder of what you are dealing with. If all fails, seek help either from family or a professional.